Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Beware of the Cat

I am seriously thinking of getting a sign for my boat saying 'BEWARE - DOGS ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK'
Of course dogs can't read, but I live in hope that at least some of their owners can. Unfortunately one dog with one not so careful owner recently caught Mellors on a bad day.
Not a difficult thing to do as I think Mellors has always had more bad days than good, as far as his temper goes that is.
On this particular day he must have been been especially grumpy or maybe his hormones were giving him some trouble. (Do cats have hormones?)
Whatever the reason, it is his life work, a work in progress, to protect my boat from all creatures great and small.
A tiny and very friendly puppy whose owner had obviously cut loose from her lead, decided to have a look in the well deck, I presume out of puppy curiosity.
Mellors, curled snoring on his cushion, had already started sharpening and flexing his claws. I leapt from my chair as I recognised the low growl that Mellors was emitting as not being a sign of greeting.
Before I could say "Get down Shep", there was a loud yelping noise (from the puppy I presume) and a very concerned dog owner had suddenly appeared from nowhere it seemed,(a little late if you ask me) and was demanding an explanation as to why I could not keep my cat under control.
I attempted a glare at Mellors, although I think it came out as more of a smile. The owner stormed off dog in tow, now on a lead that had miraculously and belatedly been produced from a pocket.
As the puppy shook his head in the distance, there was a splattering of blood flying through the air.
Mellors gave a satisfied purr, went back to sleep and calm was restored.

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